Classes & Seminars

Coming Soon!

Join us in unique locations with different chefs, wine experts, brewers, bakers, gardeners and others whose talent and expertise in their fields not only excel but they are willing to share their secrets. Classes will change throughout the year embracing each season, celebrating a variety of cultures and cuisines in environments uniquely their own to enhance your total experience.

The following just scrapes the surface of the general classes to come but the possibilities are endless and the plans are exciting. Check the website often and stay connected via Facebook to get the latest schedule and updates.

    • Wine Classes
      From the ABCs of demystifying wine to more advanced classes. Wine has been considered the nectar of gods, a valuable part of history for thousands of years. Whether you are just starting to appreciate wine or have consumed it for decades, the more you know, the more you’ll enjoy.


    • Home Beer Brewing
      Craft brewers are a passionate group that cannot be stopped in their quest to brew their own personal blend packed with character, heart and soul. Be the first on your block to say, “I brewed that!”


    • Food and Wine or Beer Paring
      What to serve with what. It’s not as easy as red or white if your goal is to complement your appetizer, meal or dessert.


    • Move over Cheese
      There is something sweeter that pares beautifully with wine. Yes, wine has found a new love or maybe yet another love. Discover an entirely new sensory experience.


    • Culinary Classes
      Weather you have just mastered boiling water and not burning the toast or you know your way around the kitchen pretty well but want to learn the secret in the sauce or the latest technique, we’ll have a class for you. What can I make for someone who is diabetic, or on a gluten free diet? We’ll cover that too.


    • Home for the Holidays
      Hosting family and friends and want some sure fired recipes to wow the crowd and let you breathe a little easier. This one’s for you.


    • Culinary Travels
      Our palates will visit the far reaches of the globe as well as some of the epicurean hot spots the USA. Unfortunately no passport is required (at least for the moment) Join us as we celebrate different cultures and cuisines.


  • Baking & Confections
    From the basic fundamentals to more advanced classes as well as seasonal specialties will be offered.

Private Classes

Private classes can be customized and arranged to accommodate your group be it in the comfort of your own home or workplace or we will find the ideal setting for you. Please provide us with as much advanced notice as possible as our experts and venues have many other commitments scheduled. Prices will vary based on location, group number & ingredients.